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Thank you for visiting with us at our website in your search for an egg donor. We realize that the task of identifying that right young women to assist in building your family can be daunting and so we offer this website as a first step toward what we intend to be a collaborative effort towards achieving success in your upcoming cycle.

We invite you to peruse both the Intended Parents as well as the Donor pages to get a sense of our commitment toward partnership with you, your donor and the team of other professionals we will bring together to move you toward success.

The process of egg donation is a complex one and only a seasoned professional can successfully direct the process so that you, the recipients can focus on your ultimate goal, while we coordinate the administrative, financial, legal and other logistical matters to make this process as stress-free as possible for both you and your donor.

It is because we know your clinical team so well and have spent much time getting to know your donor that we can assure that the collaboration of all parties committed to your family building will allow you to ultimately celebrate a longed for success.

Prospective Families acknowledges a liberal definition of "family" and as such, we are delighted to work with recipients of both hetero and homosexual orientation as well as single and coupled recipients.

In our experience, the typical recipient parent(s) are singles/couples in their late thirties to mid-late forties whose family building has been delayed either by years of failed fertility treatment or by circumstantial or lifestyle related matters. While some clinics have age restrictions for prospective parents and others limit their practice to anonymous egg/known sperm donation, Prospective Families has spent much time with the nation's top clinics and their egg donor teams to understand each clinic's respective patient protocol so that we are, therefore, able to successfully assist and work with a diverse client base at clinics appropriate for each recipient parent.

We are so pleased that you are at our site and expect that after learning a bit about our agency, you will come to understand that it is only through collaboration and commitment of all team members that you can, ultimately, look forward to success.

For recipient parents living abroad, Prospective Families offers international surrogacy and egg donation services through our affiliation with The Surrogacy SOURCE surrogacy agency and The Donor SOURCE egg donor agency.

Prospective Families is proud to be affiliated with Fertility SOURCE Companies. Intended parents in New York, Boston and throughout New England and the Northeast will now have access to The Donor SOURCE, a national egg donation agency with over 1200 active egg donors and The Surrogacy SOURCE with over 25 available surrogate mothers.

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With our recent affiliation with The Donor SOURCE, a division of Fertility SOURCE Companies, our Intended Parents will now have access to one of the nation's largest online egg donor databases. Get started below and search from among over 1200 active and available donors.

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Prospective Families is an egg donation agency that helps unite intended parents and egg donors throughout New York, Boston, New England and the Northeast.