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Prospective Families is proud to announce it is now affiliated with Fertility SOURCE Companies, The Donor SOURCE & The Surrogacy SOURCE.

The intended parents of Prospective Families will now have access to the database of one of the top egg donor agencies in the country, The Donor SOURCE. Their database has over 1200 active and available egg donors in addition to access to over 25 available surrogate mothers through their surrogacy agency; The Surrogacy SOURCE. We look forward to creating more pathways to parenthood for families from New York to Boston and throughout the Northeast United States.

We thank you for your patience while this transition occurs.

Thank you for visiting Prospective Families, one of the premiere egg donation agencies in Northeast. Whether you would like to find an egg donor or become an egg donor, we can assist you throughout the egg donation process.

Our team has built long-standing relationships with talented physicians, nurses, reproductive attorneys and health professionals.  Finding the right donor for your family can be a challenge and we are here to help you reach your goals while making the process as stress-free as possible. We have local donors in our database from around the east coast with a unique focus in Boston, New York and New England.

With our recent affiliation with The Donor SOURCE, a division of Fertility SOURCE Companies, we have gained access to a larger selection of donors than ever before.  From New York to Boston to San Francisco, we have formed relationships with dedicated egg donors throughout the nation, who are committed to helping couples experience the miracle of child birth.

New York Egg DonationNew York egg donors are in high demand! If you live in New York City or other areas in and around NY, please consider egg donation and help a couple in need grow their family. Egg donation in New York is in high demand because having a local donor reduces overall fertility expenses (like airfare & hotels fees) for intended parents, giving more families the opportunity to have children. Egg donation is a generous, life-changing gift. Learn more about becoming an egg donor in New York with Prospective Families.

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With our recent affiliation with The Donor SOURCE, a division of Fertility SOURCE Companies, our Intended Parents will now have access to one of the nation's largest online egg donor databases. Get started below and search from among over 1200 active and available donors.

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